June 1, 2018: Weekly Spatial Resolutions

UFO Crash In China Explained: It Really Did Come From Space This is why the U.S. launches rockets near the oceans–rocket bodies just don’t fall on land unless something goes terribly wrong. Unless you’re SpaceX–then you just fly your first stage back for a safe landing. But even then, the company launches from pads next […]

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Sometimes this happens

According to this Reuters release, the launch of a Chinese Long March 4B rocket ended not so well for a Brazilian/Chinese satellite.  The launch occurred yesterday, but it sounds like the rocket failed to get to the right altitude/orbit for the satellite payload. It doesn’t sound like this will stop the aggressive pace of the […]

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China’s Long March to the Moon

Looks like China just did what they said they were going to do.  They just launched a autonomous rover, the Jade Rabbit, to the moon.  You can go to NBC news here for more information. The Chinese are moving quickly.  Video of their preparations about five hours prior to launch.   Related articles China to […]

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