Healing Robot Arms from Space

Fox News recently reported about the Canadian Space Agency’s contributions to medicine with Canadarm.  Canadarm 2 is a robotic and remote controlled arm mounted on the International Space Station (ISS).  The original Canadarm was mounted on the space shuttle.  Both robotic arms were designed to do work outside in space, while astronauts controlled the arms in the relative safety of […]

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Robots in Space (hitching rides)

I’ve written about robotic satellites before, but this is different.  First of all, it’s the Europeans and not the Chinese working with robots this time.  And the type of robot is interesting, too.  It’s not the satellite itself, but it’s what’s on the satellite.  The UK DailyMailonline posted this article about robots with the ability […]

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Space junk tracking and collecting

Two articles for the price of one in this aside.  The Australians have figured out they can use their widefield array to help track debris orbiting the Earth, and that’s elaborated on (a little bit) in this article.  This will help by adding another asset to the space situational awareness problem.  It’s a bigger problem if […]

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