Space junk tracking and collecting

Two articles for the price of one in this aside.  The Australians have figured out they can use their widefield array to help track debris orbiting the Earth, and that’s elaborated on (a little bit) in this article.  This will help by adding another asset to the space situational awareness problem.  It’s a bigger problem if only because the budget in the United States Air Force is being slashed to not do this mission (the old way–apparently there’s a new way–but of course no funding yet).

And then there’s the Swiss, who are working hard on how to get all these pieces out of the way, all described in this article.  Of course, the answer is simple:  get a robot satellite out there to grab all that trash and fling it towards Earth, so the trash burns up through re-entry.  There is a video, with dramatic music, describing the problem and their solution.  I keep thinking there is money to be made in this particular endeavor, but I’m not sure this particular answer is it.

We shall see…

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