Googs in Space?

Google’s maybe getting into space?  This is an interesting TechCrunch article about the possible acquisition of satellite imagery company SkyBox by advertising aggregator Google.  Theoretically, SkyBox is Google’s only target, but TechCrunch does float Planet Labs and RapidEye as possible targets, too.  Except, SkyBox is the ONLY satellite company offering real-time streaming of High Definition video.  Which might […]

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Win A (Sky)box Full of Imagery

Do you have a need?  More specifically, do you have a need for European Space Imaging data using Skybox satellite imagery worth 20,000 Euros?  What about your mom?  Your dad?  Okay–how about your school?  Ah, there we go. That’s right, Copernicus-Masters has issued a challenge, and the prize to that challenge is Skybox imagery.  What’s […]

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Skybox: Youtube videos from space?

Skybox launched their satellite (with a few others) November 22.  But they are beginning to get sample videos in from their SkySat-1 satellite out to the public.  SkySat-1 is a sun-synchronous Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) polar satellite going around the Earth around 450 Km (280 miles) from Earth’s surface.  Skybox notes this satellite’s expected orbital […]

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This is why space matters and a preview of satellite imagery operations

The article on Indiegogo‘s website came to my attention from a Mr. Tobias Nassif, who lives on linked in, but also is the SVP from Skybox Imaging.  There’s a SpaceUnited initiative online asking for donations to help buy imagery for relief organizations.  This initiative is called the Satellite Humanitarian Imagery Mission (SHIM-1).  Just go to the […]

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