This is why space matters and a preview of satellite imagery operations

The article on Indiegogo‘s website came to my attention from a Mr. Tobias Nassif, who lives on linked in, but also is the SVP from Skybox Imaging.  There’s a SpaceUnited initiative online asking for donations to help buy imagery for relief organizations.  This initiative is called the Satellite Humanitarian Imagery Mission (SHIM-1).  Just go to the site, read what they’re trying to do, and if you have the money and want to help, then you’re an awesome person.

The thing is, the video at the top of the page is, at least to me, more interesting than the article.  DigitalGlobe is talking about about their ground systems, their satellites, their orbits even.  They do a little bit of fiction by implying their satellites are only minutes away from the targeted areas (after 120 minutes are still minutes), but it’s a good preview into their operations.  They even talk about tasking prioritization and collection.   It’s a good, short video.


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