SmallSat 2016

This last week my company sent me to do some hob-nobbing and research work at Space Dynamics Laboratory’s Small Satellite (SmallSat) conference for 2016. It’s an annual event the company hosts, going on thirty years now. For those who don’t know what a small satellite is, there are a few different definitions, but let’s just […]

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Deployment Diversity

Sometime in the past few days, new objects showed up in the satellite tracking database published by This is nothing new. is supposed to do this every day. It’s their job: tracking and identifying objects orbiting the Earth, primarily for the United States Department of Defense, and as an ancillary service to the […]

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Smallsats, Cubesats, and Chipsats: Klein, Aber Oho!

Nope, you aren’t seeing things.  There’s some German in the title there.  The phrase essentially means small but mighty (like my wife).  And the phrase describes, in a nutshell, the explosive growth and growing capabilities of these miniature mighty man-made moons. has a fairly good write-up about the history and current state of Cubesats. It’s exciting […]

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