From Earth to the Moon?

I am not sure what to make of the video above.  The cannon launcher seems like a bit of a joke, especially in the backyard setting, but it could also work.  And the inventor is asking for money to make it all a reality (see last paragraph of this post for details and link). It’s […]

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Satellite Kits=Cheaper Satellites?

This TMCNet post points to SEA (Systems Engineering and Assessment, Ltd), a United Kingdom company that’s trying to make micro-satellites smaller and cheaper.  They’re latest project is an OmniSat kit. The kit is supposed to be modular but flexible.  What SEA is providing, is a common micro-satellite bus (you can read more about what a bus […]

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Cubesats galore

I’m sure everyone has read, seen, or heard about the latest feat regarding cubesats this November:  29 cubesats were deployed from one rocket launched in the US; and another 33 cubesats were deployed from a rocket launched by the Russians. The US launch was done courtesy of Orbital Sciences from Wallops Island, in Virginia using […]

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Going Dutch

I’ve talked about cubesats before–they’re very inexpensive and let a lot of other people try their different ideas out in orbit. So, aside from SmallSat, the conference in Logan, Utah, others are hosting less ambitious, but just as dedicated meet-ups.  Here’s an announcement for one in a restaurant in the Netherlands next Saturday.  Sounds quite […]

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