Satellite Kits=Cheaper Satellites?

This TMCNet post points to SEA (Systems Engineering and Assessment, Ltd), a United Kingdom company that’s trying to make micro-satellites smaller and cheaper.  They’re latest project is an OmniSat kit.

The kit is supposed to be modular but flexible.  What SEA is providing, is a common micro-satellite bus (you can read more about what a bus does, here).  The micro-satellite bus kit SEA is developing can be tweaked to accommodate different payloads.  These satellites will be small, according the post:  10-50 kilograms (22-110 lbs).  SEA also believe that from satellite conception to launch, they will be able to reduce the time to 12 months when using this kit.  The typical time for a normal satellite takes years.  For some dysfunctional satellite programs, decades.

SEA’s project is funded by the European Space Agency.

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