Why Space Matters: GEO Satellite operations, Part 5.5–Indian GEO Flight Plan

Just a short blurb for you about a really great blog post from Planetary.org.  It’s definitely related to The Mad Spaceball’s GEO lesson series on this site.  I think it’s better written.  I wanted to provide, at the very least, the link for this post, titled How to get a satellite to geostationary orbit.

As you might imagine, a lot of things need to happen to get a satellite into a geosynchronous/geostationary orbit.  Planetary.org’s post does a really great job of describing the steps for attaining GEO, using India’s first successful launch of a GEO satellite to help explain the process.

For those who really don’t want to think too hard on this topic, let me warn you the author uses terms like “transfer orbit” and “apogee.”  But if those readers want to see some excellent explanations and pictures, then go there.  You’ll be rewarded and maybe even have learned a thing or two.

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