India Kickin’ Tail in Space

2013 and this last week have been full of successes for the Indian space programs.  Just last week, after 20 years of effort, the Indians managed to lift a satellite into geosynchronous orbit.  NVONews just posted yesterday a decent summary of Indian space activities.

This is a good thing.  It means the Chinese are looking over their shoulder, maybe wondering what else the Indians are doing.  Competition helps with innovation in technologies and techniques, and India and China have been very competitive historically.  But I wonder if the Indians will start pushing commercial space more, especially if they’re noting the successes of Orbital Sciences, Virgin Galactic, and SpaceX here in the US.  I think they have the flexibility philosophically and governmentally that the Chinese do not.  We will see, but it’s nice to see another country moving outward to the stars.

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