The Starman Walking in the Sky

Some people actually look forward to reading my next Apollo 50th Anniversary Moment. So here it is–just a bit about Gemini IV and the first U.S.-conducted spacewalk–all in the monthly “Space Watch:” Gemini IV: There’s a Starman Walking in the Sky. For those who don’t know, NASA’s Gemini program was a “bridge” program. Most of what […]

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More Rabbits on the Moon?

There are several teams competing for Google’s Lunar XPRIZE.  One team is going their own way, because instead of using just one robot, the team, Hakuto (which is Japanese for rabbit), is using two.  The following information comes from’s recent post about Hakuto and the robot duo they are prototyping. The bigger robot, looking like […]

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Space Lego

Some fun for you–keeping this post short anyway because I’ve been under the weather the past few days.  Longer, and hopefully, more interesting posts will soon come again. posted this page where you can go vote on your favorite Lego-constructed spaceraft and rovers.  If you do vote, there’s a high chance at least one of […]

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