The Starman Walking in the Sky

Astronaut Edward White conducting outdoor activities. Image from the Johnson Space Center Digital Image Collection.

Some people actually look forward to reading my next Apollo 50th Anniversary Moment. So here it is–just a bit about Gemini IV and the first U.S.-conducted spacewalk–all in the monthly “Space Watch:” Gemini IV: There’s a Starman Walking in the Sky.

For those who don’t know, NASA’s Gemini program was a “bridge” program. Most of what the agency and its astronauts were accomplishing and learning with Gemini would eventually be applied to NASA’s Apollo and later programs. actually has a neat infographic showing some bits about the Gemini spacecraft, the “space food” the astronauts tested, and the hoped-for but never really pursued plans to keep the Gemini spacecraft in NASA’s space transportation inventory. It’s a fun look, and you can read all about it,

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And for fun, if you didn’t get the David Bowie reference to Starman, here’s a video of him playing the song from his album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars:

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