Proof that some things don’t change…


Here are some fun stories for you, courtesy of The Space Review. Perry Mason, shotguns, bombs, and Thor–all of these have a common element–the human.  Just click on this link: The weird ones. And of course the whole thing wouldn’t be complete without mentioning NOAA-19.

Can this happen today during space operations and in the space industry? If you’ve worked with people in any sort of way, then you know the answer to this. While Murphy may have cheered all of them on, the characters in these stories certainly didn’t need much encouragement. Remember, one of the steps in completing human condition therapy is acceptance…

Just one question, really, resulting from these stories: If a government satellite falls over in a high bay, do taxpayers still foot the bill even though they didn’t hear it? I think the answer, no matter what sort of PR is posted around that story, is sadly, yes. But happy reading!

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