Google Wants a Piece of Virgin

Another space announcement from Google and Virgin Galactic last week took many folks by surprise.  Google is supposed to be in talks with Virgin Galactic, and supposedly wants to buy a small stake in the sub-orbital flight company.  One telltale sign of the seriousness of the talks is the companies have signed up and registered […]

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The Earth’s “Love Handles”

Womencitizen is focusing on the Earth’s “Love Handles” with this 2 February post.  University analysts are finding the odd shape of the Earth is keeping satellites in orbit longer than if it were a perfect sphere.  If you’ll remember, the Earth isn’t shaped like a perfect sphere, but more like a squashed Halloween pumpkin.  Such […]

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NOAA’s low hanging problem — Part 1 and The Weather Channel both posted stories last week about the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) “urgent” need for a new weather satellite.  You can read the stories from both sites here and here.   According to their posts, there is a projected satellite and data gap for sun-synchronous low earth orbiting (go here […]

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