DIY Space: Space Travel Grants are Go!

Citizens of Earth:  for as little as $15 you can apply to fly in a rocket ship of your choice.  How?  It’s all thanks to your money, and an inspired program from the people you are giving the money to–Spaceship Earth Grants (SEG).  From the middle of last September, until the end of this year (Dec 31, […]

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Texas Space Jobs Increasing?

My latest article about the movement of New Space companies and their jobs to Texas.  Perhaps there’s a career waiting for you with one of these companies?  They all appear to be hiring.  If you’re curious about which companies are making the move, please read:  Texas Space Jobs Increasing.

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DIY Space: Copenhagen Suborbitals

For at least $20 per year, you can support a space group that’s very active.  This is not a Kickstarter project, but an active group that was founded in 2008.  That group is Copenhagen Suborbitals.  The Danish group’s mission is the modest goal of launching a human into space and then making sure that same […]

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Profits in Space

Do you know there are not many markets in the space business that are profitable?  At least that’s the spin of this Space Daily article.  It gives a few examples of areas in space business  and operations that can continue to grow and/or have potential to grow. The area of space business which is growing like gangbusters, at […]

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