DIY Space: Copenhagen Suborbitals

Heat-2x. Image from Copenhagen Suborbitals.

For at least $20 per year, you can support a space group that’s very active.  This is not a Kickstarter project, but an active group that was founded in 2008.  That group is Copenhagen Suborbitals.  The Danish group’s mission is the modest goal of launching a human into space and then making sure that same human comes back to Earth, safely.

What, you’ve never heard of them?  Don’t worry, neither did I.  But, here’s the thing:  they have a lot of things going on.  They have a fleet of ships!  Well, okay, it’s one ship.  But they also have a submersible and and a sea launch platform.  Not even SpaceX has those.

And rockets?  Well, they have a few (more than Virgin Galactic, XCOR, and SpaceX put together.  With five different rockets, Copenhagen Suborbitals appears to have an advantage.  Except the rockets they do have aren’t terribly big (yet).   Heat-2x (pictured at top of post)  is the biggest rocket they seem to have in their inventory.

Unlike NASA, SpaceX, DoD, etc., the people running Copenhagen Suborbitals aren’t salaried.  Most of them seem to be helping with the group on their time off.  In some ways, it’s the ultimate space maker organization.  Everyone contributes what they can, and eventually a human will rocket up and safely come back down to Earth.

Join them if you wish–it would be interesting to get a human out in space through volunteer efforts.  It looks like they’ve tested Heat-2x’s engines today.



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