Thanks and good-bye to one of the first space operators

Darn it–the internet and search engines got me on this one.  Caught this as soon as I posted it.  Of course he died last year, so thanks to anyone shaking their head and bothering to cluck under their breath.  Sorry about that!  Please just ignore this one.  Now I know why I didn’t see this news…:-(

I can’t believe I didn’t see this news!!  It happened a few days ago.  A courageous explorer and intelligent pathfinder, Mr. Armstrong was at the apex what a lot of us space operators want to be:  an astronaut.  Thanks, Mr. Armstrong for your inspiration–if we had the space equivalent of Norse ship burials, your pyre would burn the brightest, a pathfinder showing the way for the rest of us Earthbound (for now) eternally.

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