Of elephants for satellites

Weighty space matters
Weighty space matters

You might remember in another aside I posted, I noted the Chinese may not be just targeting the United States with their space activities, but their Indian neighbors, too.  Well, according to this article, the Indians just had one of their communications satellites, GSAT-7, launched on an Ariane-5 out of Kourou, French Guiana.  It’s just one of two payloads on the rocket.

The reason GSAT-7 may be of interest to the Chinese is because it’s a dedicated military communications satellite that will be in Geo-synchronous orbit over the Indians areas of interest.

What I like the most about the article is the fact that the newspaper used an elephants to satellite weight comparison in the last paragraph.  I’ve always seen buses or some such vehicle in US articles.

Weirdly enough, XKCD covered this kind of comparison yesterday.

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