Finding the source of space weather with satellites

Space Daily posted this interesting tidbit yesterday.  Researchers are using 8 different satellites to help figure out space weather.  Yes, that is a thing and it can affect satellite operations.  These researchers found a link for determining the source of space weather.  This link was that the Earth’s magnetic field stores the energy of the sun’s occasional solar storms, and then eventually (but apparently explosively) releases it.  The visible result is are very active auroras, but an invisible result is a possible increase in satellite single event upsets (SEUs) and communications failures.

For the visual folks among us, a non-narrated video can be seen here.

And just for the record–NASA’s shutting down of their website, for Artemis specifically, but also generally, seems really spiteful.  Don’t they still need power and funds just to keep that notice up?  Why not just keep the information up there, instead?

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