Today is the start of “World Space Week”

Yes, World Space Week!  You can read more about World Space Week 2013 here.  This is a United Nations (UN) declared celebration and a few events occurred on these days in history.  Sputnik for one–the first man-made satellite launched into low earth orbit (just like the imagery satellites we’ve talked about in other articles) in 1957.  Never was a less capable satellite created which spurred more serious efforts for space exploration and use.  I don’t think the Soviets knew this space race would eventually result in thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth.  There is another link below, from, talking more about Sputnik.

The other event the UN mentioned was the signing of a treaty on October 10, 1967 (take a deep breath):  the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies.  It’s easier to say “Outer Space Treaty.”  Leave it to a bureaucracy to do the self-licking ice cream cone justification for their own declared celebration by celebrating their signing of a treaty.  But the treaty is probably a good read for those interested in international laws governing space.  But there is also a link below, from the National Post, talking about the increasing need for “space lawyers.”  So see, if lawyers can understand (or pretend to understand) space, you can too!

The UN are focusing on Mars this year (so, yes, War, the god of,  is the focus for you cynical types).  So you might appreciate that if you’re interested in Mars.  Bing has a nice picture on their search page today celebrating World Space Week (the picture will change after today).

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