A few more images of Earth for you

I added a few more links to the “Satellite images, imagery operators, and business” column (on the right).  For your efforts, though, you also get to click on them here:

http://earthgazer.tumblr.com/  : A nice Tumblr image site with random pictures of Earth’s surface from space.

http://imagesoftheearth.com/  :  Just a website with various images of Earth from space.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/photography/10370428/What-does-the-Earth-look-like-from-space.html  : The UK’s Telegraph decide to put up some pictures of Earth (mosaics, really) from space today.

http://spaceinimages.esa.int/Directorates/Observing_the_Earth/(class)/image  : an ESA archive of Earth images.

BONUS:  Not added to the column, but for your entertainment, is a video made up by someone who wondered what the moon would look like if the Earth orbited it from the same distance as the International Space Station orbits the Earth.  You can read and see the video from this UK Daily Mail site.  I think this person might’ve been very bored, and very passionate about this particular project.

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