SpaceX and SES: A Launch Story

SpaceX is accomplishing some very important work in the world of space launch, and meeting some very critical milestones.  But for SpaceX to be successful, it’s helpful to have a willing and patient partner during their activities.  That’s where SES comes in to play.  This very good article on Via Satellite’s site tells the tale of SpaceX’s attempts and eventual launch of a Falcon 9 rocket to place a SES satellite into geosynchronous orbit.  This is a first for a truly commercial space launch company.  For those of you reading my GEO lesson series, you understand this is a fair distance to go.

SES was very willing to work with SpaceX.  Both of them reaped the rewards and probably have kicked off a wave of newer, cheaper, more flexible and possibly more reliable options.  And for SpaceX, this is only the beginning.

A video is posted below of the successful Dec. 3rd launch for you video addicts.

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