Name an ESA Space Mission

The European Space Agency (ESA) has a mission for you, should you be willing to accept, and perhaps have a creative flair.  They would love for you to give their mission a name in a challenge imaginatively titled “Name That Mission.”  The mission will be an ESA astronaut (shouldn’t the Europeans have a different name for their space operators–the Russians have cosmonaut) operating as the flight engineer on a Soyuz spacecraft.  They didn’t really clarify what he’d be doing.

The 2015 mission will last about ten days as the astronaut and spacecraft orbit the Earth.  The astronaut is a Dane named Andreas Mogenson.  In the ESA video above, Mogenson is asking for your help to name his mission.  You can go to this page to read the details of ESA’s “Name That Mission” challenge.

The challenge will be accepting candidate mission names until 1100 GMT on 24 March, 2015.  And alas, only citizens from ESA member states can be in this “naming of missions.”  Leaves me out for sure.  And I had some good ones, too, like “Intergalactic Planetary.”  Perhaps “Millenium Raptor?”  Or, the more obvious “Spaceball 1?”  Maybe, at the very least, they’ll put a bumper sticker on the back…you know the one:

“We Brake For Nobody”

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