Learn Why Space Matters–Hands-On: DIY Space

One of my favorite magazines is MAKE.  One of my favorite events is Maker Faire (there’s a Denver Mini Maker Faire starting up this year on May 3 and 4–the big one is in San Mateo).  And of course, I enjoy writing about space.  Well, MAKE is starting off next week with DIY Space.  MAKE will start posting Do It Yourself (DIY) space projects: rockets (naturally),  spacesuits, satellites, and weather balloons.  There may be even more things DIY coming from them about space.

So, every now and then I might post a video or link them.  In their DIY Space announcement post, they mention ISSAbove, a Kickstarter  project that uses the small and affordable all-in-one computer, the Raspberry Pi (I have one to stream media), to let you know how close the International Space Station is to your position on Earth.  For as little as $42 you can get started with a pre-coded SD card.  For as much as $130 you can get the whole thing:  SD card, Raspberry Pi, LED display, case, and power supply.

Below are some videos to help you understand.  The second one is an interview and how-to with the creator of ISS Above.

So there you have it.  DIY Space–try it out.  You might learn something about building a computer, coding, AND space tracking.  I’ll see if I can find some less expensive projects, although the pricing for this isn’t too bad.  But if you are curious about space and building, then these might be the kind of projects you want to try.   I also added a DIY Space category under the “Lessons” tab at the top of the page

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