30th Space Symposium Pictures

The 30th Space Symposium is done.  It was fun and there were a lot of interesting displays.  Every company present was chest-thumping–some more than others.  Some booths were quite big.  Others were of typical size.  I realize the ticket prices are a little steep and some of you don’t have the option of volunteering.  So this post just has a few pictures for you of some of the display models and the booths themselves.  Plus a few bits of swag.

The Lockheed Martin “booth”
Northrop Grumman’s booth
United Launch Alliance’s booth. Definitely showing off all their rockets.
SpaceX really just had this one Falcon 9 model on the floor. They also had videos looping of the Falcon 9 Reuseabla flight test and their Dragon capsule. Not as many models as ULA (yet).
Capsule with solar panels at Lockheed Martin’s booth.
International Space Station model at Boeing’s booth.
One half of Boeing’s proposed capsule for people. Astronaut dummies are on their backs.
The other half of Boeing’s capsule.
One of SES satellite models.
Can you guess which one is to human scale?
XCOR’s models.
Orbital had a lot of rocket models on their floor too. SpaceX needs to catch up, perhaps?
Kind of hard to see, but there are four satellite models on the display table here.
One of the best Orbital promotional toys: an Antares rocket LED flashlight.
Boeing was handing out “astronaut wings.”
Personally, this was one of the classiest bits. It’s a paperclip shaped like the Dream Chaser. Handed out by Sierra Nevada Corporation.
RT Logic, which was gobbled up by Kratos, gave away this pen/screwdriver.
Surrey Satellite Technology was giving away sticker representations of their satellites. The one in the upper left is RapidEye. The one on the lower right is NigeriaSat (or at least the bus model the NigeriaSat uses).
I really don’t know what this is supposed to be. Maybe a smaller rocket of some kind?
A clip for caps. R&R transports rockets to where they need to be. The bottom part sort of swivels on a magnet.
A USB charger from Ball Aerospace.
A very small carabiner/LED flashlight combination from the Colorado Space Coalition.

And that’s it.  There was a lot more company swag available:  some mints, some chocolate, lots of pens, and a few yo-yos.  Who knows what might be around there next year.  But it was fun to wander around.

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