Czech Yourself in to GNSS University

Czech space

Summer’s right around the corner, so universities are offering a few summer classes to those who are interested and can afford to be travel.  One summer class, held at the Technical University in Ostrava, Czech Republic, lasts about ten days, starting 21 July 2014.  The class is called the “ESA International Summer School on GNSS.”

The class is all about Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as GPS (SatNav, for you Euro types).  All the days seem to be filled with lunches, lectures, and workshops.  Except for Sunday–there’s an excursion of some kind on Sunday.  The idea of the class is to learn a lot of information about GNSS.  There will also be discussions about future space sytems and Intellectual Property Rights (??).  You can read about all of the activities on this page.  Please note the program is a draft, so things will probably change.

If you are interested in attending the lectures, there are two tiers of registration fees, which you can learn more about here.  The fee ranges from 850 Euros to 1100 Euros.  It looks like fee acceptance runs right up to start of the class date.  I also didn’t see any restrictions regarding nationality, so maybe anyone can attend?  It could be quite interesting, especially if there will be discussion of recent accuracy problems involving Russia’s GLONASS GNSS.

Besides, it’s in the Czech Republic, in the Summer!!  If you are interested and can afford it, go!  They have great beer there to deal with the Summer.

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