Virgin Galactic and LEGO Ideas Go Together Like Paul and Storm

Image from LEGO Ideas.

There’s some hope out there that Virgin Galactic will eventually start flying passengers to sub-orbit and back sometime this year.  And the spacecraft Virgin Galactic intends to use to do that is SpaceShipTwo, with the help of its airborne launch platform, WhiteKnight Two.  Of course, that particular kind of flight is a bit pricey, about $200,000 per seat per ride.  Unlike regular rockets, a specially modified airplane carries the rocket up to a certain altitude.  Once the correct altitude is reached, the rocket drops from the airplane and fires up its motor.  Below is a video of what the whole thing is supposed to look like.

But what if you could get your hands on a WhiteKnight Two and SpaceShip Two model?  Unless the model was full-scale, it would probably cost a little less than the ticket price.  It just depends on whether you decide to vote on the LEGO Ideas page, here.  Yes!!  You did see that correctly–the models are made out of LEGOs.  And they could be part of a kit you could put together.  You could initially help determine whether the kit gets produced or not.  Then, you could be that LEGO spacecraft project manager and construction engineer and build the Virgin Galactic models.

Another image of SpaceShip and WhiteKnight Two from the LEGO Ideas site.

And again, there’s voting involved.  If you like these LEGO versions  of WhiteKnight Two and SpaceShip Two, then vote on them.  And then when they get produced, buy them.  But maybe you think you can do better?  Well, then maybe YOU should try to build a LEGO model of each one?  Then put those versions up on LEGO Ideas for people like us to vote on them.  That would show us.

The project does need 10,000 votes to move on, though.  Right now, less than 150 people have voted to support it.  Of course, there are over 320 days to get your vote in.  The only negative is the LEGO Ideas site requires registration to vote.  Registration is free, though, and if the whole thing is successful, and you can buy the kit, I bet it’ll be cheaper than buying a ticket with Virgin Galactic…

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