Kepler’s Travel Posters

Image from NASA JPL/Caltech. Click to embiggen.

I found posters, like the one shown above, on The Verge. They’re just a fun take on the Kepler spacecraft’s planet-hunting mission, and also informative. The posters mention the planet’s name and gives an idea of what the planet is like. These posters are just a few of the planets discovered by Kepler. If you want to go directly to the source, instead The Verge, then go to this JPL link. There are two other posters there for you to peruse.

The posters are fun, but the Kepler team is also doing some interesting things with Kepler to keep it running for its planet-hunting mission. If you’re interested in learning how they’re running the mission you can go to this post for an attempted explanation of how Kepler is being aimed. It’s an ingenious solution.

But if you want the simpler things in life, the kind of things that make you smile, then the posters are the way to go for now.

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