Kepler’s Travel Posters

I found posters, like the one shown above, on The Verge. They’re just a fun take on the Kepler spacecraft’s planet-hunting mission, and also informative. The posters mention the planet’s name and gives an idea of what the planet is like. These posters are just a few of the planets discovered by Kepler. If you want to […]

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DIY Space: Eyes On NASA

There are several great tools available online designed to educate the public about space discoveries.  The best ones use data gathered by our space faring machines and help put it all into an understandable form.  Which is why NASA has developed the “NASA’s Eyes” program. NASA’s Eyes is a program that can be used for […]

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DIY Space: Print Your Own Spacecraft

Have you ever wanted to build the Kepler satellite?  What about the current crowd favorite, the International Sun Earth Explorer-3 (ISEE-3)?  Or maybe you appreciate textures and just want to touch things, such as the moon’s surface, space shuttle flight panels (with switches),  or the surface of Chiron.  Maybe you’re a visual type, who truly […]

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Why space matters: HEO Satellite Operations, Part 1–You’ve Never Kepled?

In previous lessons you’ve learned about the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and the Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO).  There are pros and cons in using each orbit.  Generally for satellites in LEO orbit, particularly imagery satellites like those owned by DigitalGlobe and SkyBox, the closer the satellites are to the Earth, the more detail of the objects […]

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