The Mission Readiness Review Episode 13: Momo is NOT a Studio Ghibli Character!

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On today’s show:

  • A commercial Japanese rocket fails
  • Rocket Lab still hasn’t launched its commercial Electron rocket
  • And, RemoveDebris–orbital debris hunter

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Momo launched…and then failed

Japanese wannabe commercial space launch provider, Interstellar Technologies, launched a very small rocket this weekend:

  • Momo (essentially a sounding rocket)
  • Goal of getting 20 kilograms of payload to an altitude of 120 km
  • Cost estimated at $300,000

Unusual in that normally the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) normally launches rockets

This might be a good step, in spite of the failure.

Rocket Lab’s commercial rocket hasn’t launched yet

Rocket Lab still hasn’t conducted the first launch of its Electron rocket, “It’s Business Time”

Maybe concerning, considering the rocket is supposed to be ready for reliable small satellite launches

But it could be all of these delays will result in a much more reliable rocket

The RemoveDebris satellite is up and reporting for duty!

NanoRacks deployed RemoveDebris from the ISS on June 20

The satellite is a technology demonstrator, with a few cubesats on board that RemoveDebris will deploy

Asgardia’s leader becomes its leader

Space nation Asgardia’s Igor Ashurbeyli declares himself “Head of Nation” in Vienna

  • Wants new currency
  • Also wants foreign ministry
  • Ultimately seeking seat at UN table, which may indicate just how useless the UN actually might be

Has a cubesat in orbit

Anyone can become a citizen

Still think this idea preys on people’s hopes, and vanity


Show links

Launch schedule:

Long March 2C launch:

Falcon 9 launch:

Interstellar Technologies:

Momo caps and costs:

Momo failure video:


Asgardia leader news:


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