The Mission Readiness Review Episode 13: Momo is NOT a Studio Ghibli Character!

On today’s show: A commercial Japanese rocket fails Rocket Lab still hasn’t launched its commercial Electron rocket And, RemoveDebris–orbital debris hunter You can find the latest podcast in the link below: Intro background music POD Dreams by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Debbizo, […]

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The Temporary “Space Operators”

It’s been a little over a day since the organization I work in, the Space Foundation, hosted the 32nd Space Symposium at our beautiful Broadmoor resort here in Colorado Springs. Thousands of people from around the world came to meet us and others to talk about all sorts of space topics during the last week. […]

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The Ship Who Sang

There are those readers out there who will get the Anne McCaffrey reference–the rest should eventually take time to read that fun book.  Unlike the book’s protagonist, a ship with a living brain that eventually sings, this post is about a satellite named Ulises 1 that will “sing” to the people of Earth once it’s in orbit. […]

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Astronaut Pay

Sure, some of us say we’d work in space for free.  We’re pretty nerdy that way.  I’m pretty sure, then, for these astronauts, that getting paid to do something they love, is icing on the cake.  I’m assuming astronauts love their job.  There’s a lot of work and commitment involved to become an astronaut, though, so […]

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What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Enough about the Missileer cheaters!  It’s just sad to see the organizations I once worked for go downhill so badly.  On to the story… There’s always someone out there who has a great-sounding idea for how to take care of the “debris-in-space” problem.  Japan is no exception.  This article talks about Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency’s […]

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