Astronaut Pay

Astronaut Pay

Sure, some of us say we’d work in space for free.  We’re pretty nerdy that way.  I’m pretty sure, then, for these astronauts, that getting paid to do something they love, is icing on the cake.  I’m assuming astronauts love their job.  There’s a lot of work and commitment involved to become an astronaut, though, so they should get some sort of pay.

How much does an astronaut make?  This Universe Today post lists the different space agencies, and the range of pay each country agency pays its astronauts.  The pay scales don’t look bad, but as with most jobs, it looks like being a more senior astronaut with more experience has its perks.   The ranges offered by each agency looks pretty comparable, although the Canadians, known globally for being terrible tippers, are the most generous.

The post gives some tips to those interested in earning that Astronaut’s Pay.  You have the opportunity earn the pay and the name if you have the “Right Stuff,” that is.  It’s not too long of a post, so give it a read if you’re curious about the amount of money governments pay the people who are taking risks in space.

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