August 10, 2018: Weekly Spatial Resolutions

Firefly invis
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Ukraine’s Soviet-Era Space Program Boosts a US Commercial Spaceflight Company’s Chances for Liftoff

I find this connection extremely interesting. Ukraine’s space history, it’s involvement in classified Soviet space programs, it’s entanglement with the USSR’s military-industrial complex, and then it’s willingness to step back from that history somewhat to forge it’s own path is inspiring. It has to, of course, but it’s also cool the country’s space sector is working with Firefly. And that it appears to be promoting an innovation program to get others to come and build things for a better Ukraine.

UK will be launching satellites into space from early 2020s, claims government

I suppose that’s better than launching satellites into earth (lookin’ at you, North Korea)!

Hailstorm in Nebraska leaves 150-mile path visible from space satellite

So, maybe, Uncle Fred from Norfolk could’ve have probably stood in the back of his pickup to see the path, too, is what this headline means. Farmers are practical like that.

Plus, Uncle Fred would’ve had a beer in his hand during this kind of “Earth observation.”

FCC Told New Small Satellite Rules Could Create Space Junk

The title links to a paid article, but if the beginning paragraph holds true that launch service companies and satellite manufacturers are worried about increasing small satellite space junk, here’s an observation–they need to get their own houses in order.

Big satellites that sort of–explode– and launches resulting in rocket bodies and upper stages orbiting the Earth for decades weren’t the result of small, untested satellites on orbit. And those issues do not help with the orbiting clutter problem. Responsible, grown-up companies contributed to that clutter problem for decades.

Like a few of these launch service providers and satellite manufacturers.

‘Space Force all the way!’: White House says it will create sixth, separate military sevice by 2020

It is said, that when initially asked for comment about plans for the Space Force, Vice President Pence first yelled, “Wheeee!” and finished up with a rambunctious “Pew-pew!”

(You really need to see the Montreal Gazette’s picture of Pence to get that sentence.)

Speaking of rambunctious…

Meeting on space sector development

Hey look, the Russian civil servants are as good at kicking the can down the road as ours!

Plus, I’m not sure this meeting happened. This report just seems so scripted…;-)

Turkey to launch space agency this year: Tech minister

Normally, when we hear the words “space” and “turkey” in a sentence, the words are very possibly in reference to projects, such as the CISLunar Economy, or the ever-promised Skylon. But soon, we will be able to seriously refer to the “Turkish Space Agency.”

Turkey is one of the many countries realizing the possibilities presented to its government and citizens through smaller satellites. The article lists a few of those satellites. Unsurprisingly, a few of those satellites seem to have some military tie-in.

Russia appears to think a Turkish Space Agency is a great idea.

New Pentagon Report Names Russia, China as Threats to US Space Capabilities

Just like every other, and older, Pentagon report?

Receiving GOES Weather Satellite HRIT with an SDRplay and 2.4 GHz WiFi Grid Antenna

Well…this is cool. In a post earlier this year I posted a link to an article which demonstrated how to get low Earth orbiting small satellite signals with a PC, software, and some cheap hardware.

This kind of describes a similar setup, but for GOES U.S. weather satellites. Which is somewhat easier, since an antenna just needs to be pointed in a set it and forget it configuration. Total cost estimated to be less than $100.

Russian Space Agency To Spend $24 Billion for Super Heavy Carrier Rocket

To do this, Dmitry is requiring Roscosmos employees to search couch cushions at work and home for any sort of change.

Houston, we have a problem: Russia threatens to stop supplying engines crucial for US space program

I believe Elon’s recent response to another threat is appropriate for this one. Actually, his facial expression in that linked article is appropriate, too.

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