The Mission Readiness Review: Regrouping–maybe

The Mission Readiness Review started as an experiment. I wanted to see if there was enough information out there to talk about certain space industry topics. Not necessarily the topics everyone else was focusing on, just the stuff I thought was interesting. My wife, Ingrid, helped a lot, bringing in some perspectives from someone who wasn’t monitoring the industry all the time.

Well, the experiment worked. We produced a few podcasts. But I realized I started dreading them. They were no long “fun.” And there’s no reason for us to work on something that’s not fun. I don’t quite understand why, yet. But I need to think about it, and, maybe, put some effort to push the podcast in a direction that is fun.

For those who listened, thank you! We appreciate your comments–they helped a lot. I’ll still write every now and then. I enjoy that, and don’t really consider it work. My writing is really just my thought processes outlined for others to see.

And perhaps, sometime later, we’ll get another podcast going, one that’s more fun and meaningful to me.

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