Update Part Deux

It’s been a long time since I’ve written for my blog. A big part of it is that my job at Quilty Analytics took a lot of time and energy. But I’m changing that now.

I’ve created a new site: Ill-Defined Space. You are welcome to go take a peek. All content will be accessible for the first few weeks.

Here’s what that site will be all about:

Ill-Defined Space provides analysis of activities, policies, and businesses in the space sector. The purpose of these analyses is to bring some definition and clarity for a sector with many stakeholders, missions, and businesses.

Remember, I initially established The Mad Spaceball to: 1) see if I could write about space–a lot; 2) to improve and showcase my writing, and 3) give me something to do. I believe I succeeded on all three admittedly humble goals.

Ill-Defined Space is going to build on my experience here, and my experience as a researcher. The posts in it are intended to provide context and definition to an industry undergoing a lot of change (COVID-19 is not slowing that pace down, by the way). The site will, hopefully, supplement my household income.

Yes, it’s a business. At least it’s an attempt at a business.

What does the above information all mean for The Mad Spaceball? Well, I enjoy writing generally and it will be nice to maybe write about other things than my business. I think the site will eventually, once I get Ill-Defined Space up and running, be used to post some how-to’s, as well as miscellaneous reviews and thoughts.

For those who subscribed to The Mad Spaceball–thank you so much for your support. If you are still interested in space, I urge you to take a look at Ill-Defined Space. There’s a free subscription option there for weekly Appreciably Aware articles. All you have to do is fill in your email in the subscribe box at the bottom of the site’s page.

Posts on this site will be sporadic, with the content and timing depending on what inspires me during the day.

Thank you again! And be careful out there.

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