Satellites Track the Re-floating of a Cruise Ship

Yes, the European Union types are using satellites to monitor the re-floating of the Costa Concordia cruise ship.  This Airbus Defence & Space post notes that the satellites are involved as part of the Copernicus Emergency Management System (CEMS).  They are:  TerraSAR-X and Pleiades satellites.  TerraSAR-X is a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite that is very accurate […]

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Mysterious Island, part deux

Not to be outdone by Astrium’s pictures mentioned in my aside a few days ago, RapidEye’s in the game, too.  Some of their five imagery satellites have been very busy.  They have released a few pictures of their own of the island that mysteriously rose from the water off of Pakistan’s coast.  The island itself doesn’t […]

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