DIY Space: The Sentinel Mission

This particular DIY Space isn’t so much about building a space project as it is about being involved with one.  In this case, the involvement looks to be your potential donation of money to the Sentinel Mission.  But your money could potentially help save millions of people–literally. There have been some questions lately as to […]

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DIY Space: You Are the Asteroid Hunter

The above picture looks exciting, doesn’t it?  At least it should if you are yearning to join the elite ranks of the “Asteroid Hunters.”  You, too, can be an Asteroid Hunter thanks to Zooniverse.  The website introduced the asteroid hunting project, called “Asteroid Zoo,” earlier this week. If the organization’s name sounds familiar, it’s because I […]

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DIY Space: Launchbox Kits

For this particular kit we’re heading to Australia.  Launchbox wants to “build and launch an Australian satellite.”  A way the start-up is trying to do this is by providing rocket payload kits for people and schools to buy.  You could hop on the STEM bandwagon by buying one of the kits, and feel as if you’ve contributed […]

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DIY Space: Personal Satellite Kits

For this DIY project things are a bit pricey–as in thousands of dollars pricey.  If you’re one of those lucky few who happens to have that kind of money sitting around, then perhaps these two kits are meant for you.  The kits are available online from Interorbital Systems (IOS).  If you buy one or two, the rest […]

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