“Space Ventura,” Space Detective

This is an odd business opportunity, and one which Air and Space Evidence Ltd. looks keen and ready to exploit.  Their work seems to identify a gap that civil local government services haven’t yet addressed:  solving crimes using Earth Observation imagery.  The company isn’t just focusing on capital crimes, such as murder (although this NewScientist story talks about […]

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Pop Quiz answer

Several days ago, I posted these two pictures with a vaguely worded question:  https://themadspaceball.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/one-of-these-things/ I promised an answer to that question and here it is:  the top picture was taken from low earth orbit (LEO), the bottom from geosynchronous (GEO) orbit. How can one tell from just the pictures?  Two big telltales exist in them. […]

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Missed it, by that much.

In light of the Sakurajima volcanic eruption in Japan, I present to you a picture of the very active volcano.  From January 2013.  There don’t appear to be any other images yet of Sunday’s eruption. This image comes courtesy of the NASA Earth Observatory page.  But it initially came to my attention from the Bad Astronomer page, […]

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