Name an ESA Space Mission

The European Space Agency (ESA) has a mission for you, should you be willing to accept, and perhaps have a creative flair.  They would love for you to give their mission a name in a challenge imaginatively titled “Name That Mission.”  The mission will be an ESA astronaut (shouldn’t the Europeans have a different name […]

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Space Tourism, the Costly Frontier

In previous articles I’ve talked about cheap small satellites for the general public to buy and even use in orbit.  But what if you want something more?  What if you want to be, if only for a few minutes, an astronaut?  “Space tourism is too expensive!” you say?  Maybe, if you only follow Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital efforts […]

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The Satellite “Brown Note”

The DailyMail posted this article about the European Space Agency’s (ESA) use of sound in satellite development.  The ESA likes to use satellites that can withstand the rigors of a rocket launch.  One of those rigors is the loud, vibration-prone environment a satellite payload sits in during a rocket launch.  Like the Mythbusters test to […]

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Teens, Robots, and Comets posted another of my articles on their site.  This one is about a Zero Robotics competition, pitting teens with “1337” robot satellite programming skills against each other in a world-saving competition.  You’ll find this information, and more in my post:  The Future:  Comet-Battling Robot Satellites.

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