Intercepting a Comet

“[T]he sexiest, most fantastic mission ever,” those are the words of an obviously very sexually confused European Space Agency scientist about the Rosetta satellite’s interception and orbiting of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.  The quote comes from Gizmodo’s post about the current successes of the Rosetta satellite exploration mission. And while the scientist might be sexually confused, thankfully […]

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Czech Yourself in to GNSS University

Summer’s right around the corner, so universities are offering a few summer classes to those who are interested and can afford to be travel.  One summer class, held at the Technical University in Ostrava, Czech Republic, lasts about ten days, starting 21 July 2014.  The class is called the “ESA International Summer School on GNSS.” The […]

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Astronaut Pay

Sure, some of us say we’d work in space for free.  We’re pretty nerdy that way.  I’m pretty sure, then, for these astronauts, that getting paid to do something they love, is icing on the cake.  I’m assuming astronauts love their job.  There’s a lot of work and commitment involved to become an astronaut, though, so […]

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