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Jump, little cat, jump!!
Jump, little cat, jump!! Click on image for article.

Okay, so the cat’s now out of the bag.  I’ve just started writing freelance for  They liked what they saw here, and are giving me an opportunity to write some posts for them.

I will still be writing posts on The Mad Spaceball, but I will also be writing posts for  If a post I write for relates to space operations and operators in some way (like the one below), I’ll post a link here to the article there, and I hope you’ll go read it.

This is the second article of mine has posted, but it’s the first for them I think is directly related to space operations.  The category name, space operator, while sounding like something straight out of sci-fi, is confusing because of all the different types of careers it encompasses.  The following article, “Aerospace Job Titles–A Bit Like Naming Cats,” tries to pin down and clarify the problem for job-seekers and employers alike (click on the title to go there).

I hope you like it.  If you’re looking for a person to write a post or two for you, then contact me.  I’m always willing to listen.  And if you have an actual management, mission or space operations position in which you think I can really help you, I’ll listen to you, too.  You can contact me through comments or Twitter.

Also, I know, I know–I said the NOAA article would be done today.  I promise, I will get that to you sometime this week.

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