Small Satellite Building Event at Oxford

If you live near Harwell, Oxford, you have the opportunity to build a small satellite.  Satellite Applications Catapult is hosting this event, “Build Your Own Cubesat Weekend,” near the end of this March, on the 29 and 30th.

This event is meant to get ANYONE who has an interest in building a small satellite involved in actually building a very small satellite.  And they do mean anyone.  You don’t have to have a degree, and you don’t have to be technically inclined.  They do seem to want teams of people to show up.  And you need to make sure you and your mates will be there Saturday and Sunday.

Satellite Applications Catapult just want to show interested people how to build a cubesat.  The cubesats themselves are fairly tiny–about 10 cm (or nearly 4 inches) on a side, so weight shouldn’t be an issue for the non-muscular UK geeks.  Once you’ve built your cubesat, Satellite Applications Catapult seem to be stating that they’ll send it up with others, on a balloon to test it out.

If this does interest you, you don’t have much time until registration for the event closes:  1200 on 17 March 2014.  You can sign up for registration here.  Read the information, just in case I made a mistake on this post.  Then make sure you get your 10 Pound Sterling into them (per person) by 21 March.

It sounds like a blast, so all you folks thinking about attending, just go.  You just might learn a thing or two about space operations along the way.

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